Eileen shares her recent artworks and plein air painting adventures on Kauai.

Kaua‘i Sunset

Kaua‘i Sunset 24”x30” oil on canvas 1.5” profile available at The Art House Gallery Koloa, HI 96756

Tunnels Beach 10″x20″

tunnels-beach-10-x-20Located on the North shore of Kauai is this most amazing beach.  the coral reef is close to shore so many people love to snorkel there.  The mountains are spectacular and portend the gateway to the Napali Coast.  I painted this on location.  This piece is oil on board.  It is currently available at the Art House in Koloa, HI

Here Comes the Sun 10″ x 20″ oil on board

Hanalei Pier 10X20






10″x20″ Oil on board with deep profile.

This piece found a home in the islands.  My fellow artists got up early to go plein air painting high above Hanalei Bay.   The sun was just coming up and burning off the morning clouds when we hiked out to our viewpoint.

The Hanalei pier is a North Shore  of Kauai landmark.  The base of the pier is located in Black Pot Beach Park.  Hanalei beach is featured in many movies starting with South Pacific and more recently The Descendants.

Hanalei Bay is a great place for paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, watching the sunset, walking a long beach or just relaxing on a beach towel.

Poipu Beach 11″x14″ oil on board









I arrived at Poipu Beach early in the morning.  It was quiet and still.  The early morning shadows were long, reaching out into the protected cove.  Soon the shadows would grow short and the little cove would fill with small children.  Then the question would become , do I put the children into the painting or capture the scene as it was early in the morning.  Tranquility won out.

Poipu Beach has been named the number one beach in the world many times.  It is the best beach I know of for little children.  The cove is protected from the ocean’s waves by a volcanic rock wall.  The water is clear, reflecting only the sky.  You can see the sandy beach under the shallow water.  The best part is I can walk to Poipu Beach from my home.  This Painting is available.  If you are interested shoot me an email.

Waimea Canyon 12″x16″ oil on board

image descriptionWaimea Canyon 5x7 CE








This is an original oil Painting was painted plein air.  It was a perfect day to capture the changing colors of the canyon.  I stood on the canyon’s edge and watched as the light danced on the walls of the Waimea Canyon.  It has been called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  It is quite a sight to behold for the many visitors to Kauai.  There are many scenic trails that explore the canyon.  My favorite is the rim hike.

This painting is available.  If you are interested shoot me an email.

Pakala’s Beach 9″x12″ oil on board

Pakalas 5X7 CE web








Pakala’s Beach is secluded.  If you don’t know where it is the only thing that might tip you off are the trucks with racks for surf boards that you might notice on the main highway.  To get to the beach besides parking on a 50 mph highway you have to hike through trees after you have navigated the cattle gate.  Be on the look out for bulls that don’t seem to bother the surfers.  I loved capturing the morning sunlight, purple shadows on the beach, the twisted branches of the driftwood tree, the distant hills, the ocean waves and spending the day at the beach.  The original of this painting has sold.  Matted giclees on canvas are available in 5″x7″, 8″x10″ or 11″x14″.  Contact the artist

Point at Pakala’s Beach

Pakala Point 16x20image descriptionPakala's Point  16" x 20"The Point at Pakala's Beach 16"x20"The Point at Pakala's Beach 16"x20"Pakala Point web 3










Pakala’s Beach is one of Kauai’s hidden spots.  It’s where the surfers hang out when the surf’s up.  To get there the surfers carry their boards through a tree filled area of a pasture down to the beach.  When I left after spending the day painting at the beach I navigated carefully through the trees and past a bull with very large horns with only the canvas in my hand and a few trees separating us.   Sometimes painting at the beach isn’t as easy as it sounds.  The original painting sold immediately but enhanced 16″x20″x 1.5″ giclees and 11″x 14″ matted giclees are available.  Contact the artist.The Point at Pakala's Beach 16"x20"

Lotus Pond 9″ x 12″


9″ x 12″ Giclee by Special Order. New original oil on board 9″x 12″. Lotus Pond. I painted this en plein air at The Plantation Gardens Restaurant in Poipu.

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Beach House 9″ x 12″


9 x 12 oil on board. This painting was painted from the lawn in front of the Beach House Restaurant. It was great fun to paint there and when my friend, Karen and I were done painting for the day, lunch was served to us in the Beach House.

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Tunnels Beach Walk 9″ x 12″


 A walk at Tunnels Beach 9″x12″. What a fun painting day! Breaks included a swim in the pristine aquamarine water.

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Shipwreck Beach – 8″ x 10″


8″ x 10″ Oil.  The South Shore of Kauai has been experiencing a tremendous surf. I have been out painting at the ocean’s edge.

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Crazy Shirts – 24″ x 30″


 24″ x 30″ Giclee Stretched Canvas Deep Profile Enhanced by Artist $595.

My friend Karen and I went out last week to paint Old Koloa Town. This Monkey-pod tree is very beautiful and soulful. It hangs over the most photographed building in Koloa, it houses Crazy Shirts. Out front is an old carved statue of a man standing next to a very old Texaco pump.

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Wailua Falls – 18″ x 24″


 18″ x 24″   Contact artist for availability. This is Wailua Falls on the island of Kauai. I went early in the morning and loved the feeling of powerful tranquility of which the falls spoke.

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Waimea Plantation Cottage 11″ x 14″


11″ x 14″ Original Stretched Canvas $475

This little green cottage is a real artist stopper. No artist can walk by this cottage and not hear it say,”paint me, paint me!”. This beautiful Cottage is found at the Waimea Plantation Cottages on the west side of Kauai.

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Kissed by the Sun – 24″ x 30″


24″ x 30″ Original Stretched Canvas $1400 or 24″ x 30″ Giclee Stretched Canvas Deep Profile Enhanced by Artist $695 or Matted Print 11″ x 14″ $40

The overwhelming feeling of the hibiscus’ oneness with the sun stirred me to capture the relationship on canvas.

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Honu Keiki 24″ x 30″

24″ x 30″ Original Stretched Canvas $1500  or  24″ x 30′ Giclee Stretched Canvas Deep Profile Enhanced by Artist $750

Turtles are known as Honu in the Hawaiian islands. This honu is enjoying the sunlight while safely tucked in the coral and seaweed.

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Tree Tunnel – 24″ x 32″


24″ x 32″ Giclee Stretched Canvas Deep Profile Enhanced by Artist $795

It’s all about the passage of light through the trees.This is the latest in a series of Tree Tunnel paintings that I have painted. Each has had a different feeling. The light dances through the tunnel and beckons you to come through it.

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Walking to Mahaulepu 16″ x 20″



16″ x 20″ Original

This oil painting is of my favorite spot on Kauai. It’s where I go on a “me” day to relax and watch children playing, people fishing, read a good book, watch the waves or paint.

Island Wave 24″ x 30″


Back home on Kauai and loving the ocean! A favorite past time is watching the waves roll into shore. The trickiest part for a plein air painter is to get them to hold still long enough to paint one.

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Hanapepe Valley


Hanapepe Valley in all it’s regality. Plein air painting is always so much fun. I love to get to fulfill my passion surrounded by such beauty as Kauai. While my friend and I were painting buses of tourists came by to check out the view and then our art.

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