Please Contact Eileen to Purchase Artwork at Backonisland@gmail.com  

Commissions are Welcome.

All proceeds from purchasing Eileen’s artwork benefit non-profits that feed the children of Kauai or protect the environment of the island of Kauai


I am inspired by the dancing light and luminous shadows of the old sugar mills and plantation cottages scattered around Kauai.    As an artist my desire is to infuse each painting with the awe, delight and excitement I feel when I come upon a scene that beckons me to capture it.

I adore plein air painting at the many diverse locations around Kauai.  The beaches with their pounding surf, volcanic mountains that run to meet the ocean, the kaleidoscope of vibrant tropical flowers and foliage, the movement of the cascading waterfalls or the little children with their buckets building castles in the sand are fodder for my favorite indulgence.  Painting is my passion.  Painting feels just like the need I have to breathe.

I found a way to combine my soul’s passion of caring for children, protecting the environment and my art.  One hundred percent of the funds raised by my art go directly to feeding the children in need and the environment of Kaua’i.



Eileen Kechloian

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