Hanapepe Valley 9”x12” $495 available; (special limited time $200)


Hanapepe Valley 9”x12” $495

This painting is part of #artistsupportpledge  special limited time pricing $200 plus shipping unframed. During the pandemic contact artist directly at backonisland@gmail.com to purchase.The proceeds from this painting will go to Hanapepe Soup Kitchen/Salvation Army.  Art collector will get donation receipt for tax purposes.
Hanapepe Valley in all it’s regality. Plein air painting is always so much fun. I love to get to fulfill my passion surrounded by such beauty as Kauai. While my friend and I were painting buses of tourists came by to check out the view and then our art.  One such person took several pictures of my art and then chuckling in his language took a picture into the back on the open tailgate of the seaweed package I had to snack. So lots of things to smile about today; especially the light dance on the Hanapepe Valley!

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